What are the Benefits of Business automation [Get Free Automation Audit]

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Business automation is the practice of delegating time-consuming menial tasks to sophisticated pieces of software that are capable of automatically handling them, without human intervention.

A simple example of business automation in action could be a platform which registers each employee as they arrive into and leave work every day, automatically logging their hours. While this might sound like a negligible task, a company with hundreds or even thousands of employees would save significant manpower hours in delegating it to a machine.

The benefits of business automation

Business automation has become an increasingly popular strategy in recent years, with over two-thirds of the respondents of a recent survey admitting that their company would have to implement technological solutions to manage repetitive tasks in order to stay competitive with their rivals.

In fact, automation is not just necessary to help you avoid falling behind, but it holds a number of advantages which can propel you to the forefront of your chosen industry. Here are a handful of the more eye-catching benefits of business automation which any firm serious about taking things to the next level simply can’t afford to miss out on.

  • Eliminate human error

If to err is human, it makes sense from a business perspective to remove humans from the equation as far as possible when it comes to data collection and entry. Even the most competent and experienced employee is apt to make a mistake every now and then – but a computer never will. By reducing your margin for error as much as possible, you can gain a better handle on your company’s performance and avoid the kind of slip-ups that can cost you on the balance sheet.

  • Free up the workforce

If your employees are no longer tasked with mind-numbing menial chores, they can devote their attention to areas where it can be put to better use. This includes creating strategies for future successes, analysing raw data to gain actionable insights on where your business processes can be improved and introducing creativity and innovation into your company. What’s more, the staff themselves will be happier if they feel challenged by their work, resulting in better workplace morale and a higher employee retention rate.

  • Save money

According to research conducted by business consultants McKinsey, as much as 45% of activities that working professionals are currently paid to carry out could be delegated to software using existing technology. In the USA, that amounts to a cumulative total of $2 trillion per annum. Of course, your company isn’t likely to deal with such eye-watering sums, but the effect on automating processes on your balance sheet could be equally astronomical.

  • Digitalize documentation

A key step in automating your business processes is the digitalisation of your documents, since your records will need be stored online in order to facilitate automatic updating. Eliminating paper from the workplace brings its own economic and environmental benefits, boosting the sustainability credentials of your company. What’s more, locating a digital document takes a fraction of the time that tracking down a paper copy often does.

  • Enhance collaboration

With everything stored online in one, centralised database that is constantly and automatically being updated, your team will be able to access that single source of truth from any device in any location at any time. This not only opens up exciting new possibilities for remote working, but also greatly improves their capacity to collaborate with their colleagues on marketing campaigns and the suchlike.

  • Provide an overview

Big data is the future of business and automating your business processes is the first step towards leveraging the immense potential that data brings. With every aspect of your company’s performance available to view online, you can see at a glance where you are performing well – and where you’re falling short. Using automatically updated data repositories, you can measure KPIs and other important metrics to gain a deeper understanding of how to optimise operations going forwards.

  • Ensure compliance

Following on from the earlier point about human error, a properly configured automation of your business processes will relieve the stress that comes with complying with increasingly stringent rules governing business operations. With data security a particularly hot potato that carries significant fines for those who fall foul of the regulations, it’s important to have the peace of mind that your company is meeting all of its obligations, every time.

  • Access new markets

By adopting automation, you can greatly expand the resources at your disposal. This allows you to put in place and maintain a sales funnel and a customer support service that would simply be unfeasible using manpower alone. The enhanced capabilities that this brings will grant you to access to markets that were not within reach prior. Amazon, for example, is a great illustration of how automation can enable a company to sell almost any product to any customer at any given time.

  • Adopt automation today

It should be clear by now that the benefits of business automation are as plentiful as they are powerful. If you’d like to take the first step towards automating your processes and reaping the rewards that it will bring, silverlimes are here to help. We’re experts in all aspects of business automation and we’re eager to see your company prosper from the same techniques that have helped countless others.

To get the ball rolling, simply sign up for a free automation audit with one of our specialists. During the 30-minute consultation, we’ll cover the issues that are inherent in your existing operations and identify solutions to overcome them. We’ll also show you case studies of similar projects and how automation has provided tangible benefits for previous clients, then put together a comprehensive and consolidated package for achieving your business goals.

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