8 Telegram Best Bots: From Free Movies to Flight Deals!

Are you a Telegram user always looking for ways to streamline your daily tasks and make life easier? Then look no further than these 8 must-use free telegram best bot.

Telegram Best Bot That saves your time

From temp emails to tracking Amazon prices. These bots will save you time and effort while also being fun and entertaining. So, let’s dive in and explore each one of them in detail.



Do you ever get tired of giving your personal email address to websites when signing up or receiving OTPs? Look no further than Dropmail.me.

This bot allows you to create temporary email IDs that can be used for sign-ups and OTPs.

Simply enter the website or service you want to sign up for, and Dropmail.me will generate a temporary email address for you to use.

The best part? The email address is automatically deleted after a set amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about spam or unwanted emails.



Are you a movie buff but tired of paying for multiple streaming services? Look no further than IPAPKORNBOT.

This bot allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free.

Simply search for the movie or show you want to watch, and IPAPKORNBOT will provide a link to stream it.

It’s important to note that some of the content may not be legal or have copyright infringement, so use at your own risk.



Have you ever needed to convert a file from one format to another but don’t want to download a bulky software or pay for an online service? Enter Fileconverter.

This bot allows you to convert files such as JPG to PNG, DOCX to PDF, and many more.

Simply upload the file you want to convert, and Fileconverter will do the rest.


truecaller in telegram
Truecaller in telegram

Do you often receive calls from unknown numbers and wish you knew who they were before answering? Enter Truecaller_bot.

This bot allows you to enter any mobile number and get information just like in the Truecaller app.

No need to download an extra app or go through the hassle of signing up.

Get the information you need with just a few clicks.


AirTrack News

Are you planning a trip and want to find the cheapest flights possible? Look no further than Airtrack.

This bot allows you to check the cheapest flights and even provides more accurate results than Google.

Simply enter your destination and dates, and Airtrack will do the rest.

Plus, it’s free and doesn’t require any additional downloads or apps.


Backround remover

Do you ever wish you could remove the background of an image to make it stand out more? Look no further than AIBG Remover.

This bot allows you to remove the background of any image for free.

Simply upload the image you want to edit, and AIBG Remover will do the rest.

It’s perfect for creating eye-catching designs or removing distracting backgrounds from photos.



Do you enjoy playing games but don’t want to download yet another app? Look no further than Gamee.

This bot allows you to play games directly within the Telegram app, without any additional downloads or installations.

From arcade classics to brain teasers, Gamee has something for everyone.

Plus, you can even compete with friends and see who has the highest score.


Amazon price tracker

Are you a savvy shopper who loves finding the best deals online? Look no further than Amazon Price Tracker.

This bot allows you to check the price history of any product on Amazon and set notifications if the price drops.

Simply enter the product name or URL, and Amazon Price Tracker will do the rest.

It’s perfect for tracking the prices of items you’ve had your eye on


Telegram bots have become an essential part of our daily lives, making our routine tasks easier and more efficient.

With the growing popularity of Telegram, the number of bots available is increasing, and you can find a bot for almost anything.

Whether you want to check the cheapest flights, play games, or convert files, there is a Telegram bot for you.

The 8 bots mentioned in this article – Dropmail.me, ipaKornBot, Fileconverter, Truecaller_bot, Airtrack, AIBG Remover, Gamee, and Amazon Price Tracker – are some of the must-have Telegram bots that can make your life easier and more entertaining.

With these bots, you can enjoy your favorite movies, convert files, remove backgrounds from images, and track product prices, all for free. So, try out these bots and enjoy the many benefits they offer!

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