15 best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 for long-term

Hello, guys Today I’m going to talk about the 15 best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. Which are best suitable for long-term investments guys, when I say long-term investments it doesn’t mean one or two months, I’m talking about five to six years and these coins which I’m gonna tell you now is all 100% safe and in five years.

These coins have the potential to give you anywhere from 100X to 300X profit or maybe even more and you can take an entry today itself. It doesn’t matter what the price is now, if you wait for a perfect dip then that dip won’t come. So if you want to purchase during the market dips then do one thing: invest 70% of your capital right now and keep the 30% of your money as it is aside to purchase whenever the market goes down.

Guys right now you guys might be thinking that we are actually very late to cryptocurrencies but no we’re very very early now if you compare or if you look at today’s price and the price after five years there will be a huge difference, so in 2025 ethereum price will be around 1 crore rupees so in 2025 you’ll be thinking that ethereum was very very cheap in 2021.

15 best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

I am gonna suggest you 15 best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 that have the potential to give you anywhere from 100 x profit to 300 x profit or maybe even more so if you’re in a long term investor mood then make sure you have these coins in your portfolio and 

1. BNB


The first crypto which I’m going to talk about now is called BNB. BNB is the native token of Binance exchange, guys I’m suggesting the BNB token because BNB has a lot of applications and if you see its use cases, then you will understand why I mentioned BNB is the 1 coin in our list. You should start with this token itself. BNB is used as a native currency on Binance exchange and if you don’t know Binance is the number one cryptocurrency exchange in the world and NFT’s are also purchased through bnb token and staking can also be done through bnb token. That is the reason why BNB is first in the list of 15 best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

Since Binance is the number one cryptocurrency exchange in the world they will do anything to bring this token to the number one spot and yes they can’t defeat bitcoin but they’ll keep trying so in another five to six years you can expect each bnb token to reach anywhere from 4 lakhs($4,000) to ($9,000)8 lakh rupees.

2. Vechain


The second coin which I’m going to talk about is called vechain or VT. Guys vision is an undiscovered diamond that has so many applications and uses. A Vechain is used to find the reality or genuinity of a product or a service, so I am going to explain this clearly in a separate dedicated article on Vechain so right now the companies which are using Vechain are Renault and BMW so in the coming few months or few years all companies will adopt Vechain and this will make the price of Vechain explored and recently Vechain has partnered with BMW to develop an auto security platform. which will keep vehicles free from forgery this partnership will launch a blockchain-powered app known as VerifyCar to collect data from a car such as mileage repairs or any other additional services so in other 5 years you can expect which end price to reach anywhere from ($4)350 rupees to ($9)800 rupees now 

3. Matic

the third coin which is on my list is called polygon Matic guys polygon matrix also has a huge potential in long term polygon matrix is undergoing so many developments and collaborations and if you didn’t know Matic is an Indian cryptocurrency coin that was built in Mumbai by four software engineers so in other five years the coin has the capacity to give you anywhere from 40x to 80x profit now 

4. Pancake Swap


The fourth crypto which I’m going to talk about is called a pancake swap now if you see the applications of pancakes web, this token is used to swap all the coins which run on the Binance chain so all the new coins which are built on Binance chain can be swapped on pancakes web. So this is a major application of pancakes web and this token has a bright future so you can expect anywhere from 20x to 50x profit by 2025. 

5. Cardano


The next coin which is on my list is EDA also known as Cardano. Cardone was founded in 2015 by ethereum’s co-founder Charles Uskinson. guys now what is this Cardone. Cardone is a public blockchain platform and it’s an open-sourced decentralized platform that runs on a proof of stake algorithm so this nature of Cardone makes it suitable to build smart contracts and various other stuff and it has the potential to give you anywhere from 15X to 40X in the next 5 years now 

6. Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic

The sixth coin which is on my list is ethereum classic also known as ETC guys ethereum classic is the best coin for long term investments which can give you huge profits guys based on my technical analysis I strongly believe that in the next five years one ethereum classic coin will be worth like ($1,200)1 lakhs to ($2,500)2 lakh rupees easily. So make sure you have at least a little bit of ethereum classic coin in your portfolio. 

7. Lovely

The 7th coin which I’m gonna talk about is called lovely. This coin is just a four to five months old coin and this coin is getting listed everywhere slowly and this lovely coin know is an Indian cryptocurrency coin and if you go to their website they have clearly mentioned that their vision is to make the record by growing the token price from 0.00000001$ to 1$ in the year 2021 guys I don’t know how they’ll achieve this. One dollar is highly impossible now forget about one dollar even reaching one rupee is highly difficult I’m not telling that it can’t be done looking at the total supply of coins it’s highly impossible but one major good thing is that they’re burning a huge amount of coins continuously so if they keep burning coins then one rupee might be possible one rupee is possible in long term but by 2021 impossible I think who knows anything can happen in crypto. 

if you want to buy this lowly in a coin you can’t find this on wazirx’s exchange you can find the lovely coin on bitmap exchange so if you want to create an account on BitMart exchange here is the link so you can click on that and you can create your account 

8. Engine

The next coin is Engine guys, Engine is a unique coin now which is both good for short-term and long-term investments so very soon this coin will pump again so make sure you have at least a little bit of these engine coins in your portfolio. 

9. Wazirx   


The ninth crypto which I’m going to talk about now is called wazirx’s token guys I know I mentioned was this token so many times but what to do wazirx is an awesome token now for long term investment guys wazirx’s token belongs to the wazirx exchange and the interesting thing about wazirx token is there are only undergrowth tokens. Yes there’s only 100 crore tokens in circulation and wazirx keeps on burning tokens and wazirx is also following BNB’s path so the future is looking great so in other 5 years each wazirx’s token could reach anywhere from ($110)8 thousand rupees to ($150)10 000 rupees easily now

10. Dodge

Dodge Coin

The 10th coin which is on my list is dogecoin. This coin is a meme coin and this crypto has a strong community and I believe in the long term dogecoin could easily reach one dollar, guys. Just a buy three to four percent of your portfolio on this meme coin and not more than that 

11. ICP

The 11th coin is ICP is also known as internet computer guys internet computer has various applications and the future is looking good so guys make sure you have at least a little bit of this crypto in your portfolio and very soon I’ll make a dedicated article on ICP.

12. Tron

Tron Coin

The next 12th crypto which is on my list is TRON guys, TRX is a blockchain-based operating system on which one can share decentralized applications and share media content and Tron also have their own coin called a TRX so I believe that Tron could easily reach ($3.5) 250 rupees to ($5)450 rupees in another five years now 

13. Litecoin


The next coin which you should compulsorily have in your portfolio is called litecoin. Litecoin is an exact replica of bitcoin and it follows bitcoin’s path and the total supply of Litecoin is just around 80 million coins. This is actually very very low and the interesting thing about litecoin is that whenever bitcoin pumps even litecoin also will pump, litecoin has the potential to reach anywhere from ($2,700) 2 lakh rupees to ($5,000) 4 lakh rupees easily now. 

14. BTT


The 14th coin which I’m going to talk about is called BTT also known as BitTorrent and during the market crash, BTT crashed from 1 rupee to 10 paise but slowly it again recovered. BTT also has the potential to give you huge profits and this coin is both good for short term and long term investments in the short term say two to four months it can give you anywhere from 3x to 6x profit and in the long term say in other 5 years BTT has the potential to reach anywhere from ($0.06) 5 rupees to ($0.30) 25 rupees now 

15. Ethereum


The last coin on the list is Ethereum, which you should definitely have in your portfolio is ethereum. Ethereum classic is different and ethereum is different guys.

Now you might be thinking that the price of ethereum is at 3 lakh rupees which are already very high and why am I suggesting this coin, Ethereum has so much space to grow in one or two years ethereum will definitely surpass bitcoin in price and it will dominate the cryptocurrency market so according to me in next five years ETH could easily touch one crore to 1.5 crore rupees in price so guys allowed at least 30 to 40 percent of your portfolio on ethereum.

Guys, now I’ll tell you an important thing, okay so please listen to that carefully now guess that you purchased a coin today after reading this article, so after few days if the price drops then don’t panic and sell you purchased it for the long term say like four to five years so don’t look at that two or three days price drops and sell everything, guys, if you sell you’ll definitely go under loss guys. if you have any doubts regarding this topic then leave a comment down below in the comment section and guys if you are not following me on our Instagram account.

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