How to install TikTok on your mobile even it’s banned your country

Do you lose all your TikTok videos after it is banned on your country If the answer is Yes? then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you the way to install TikTok on your mobile. If you want to download all your TikTok videos without a watermark.

How to download all your TikTok videos without a watermark?

Check out this exclusive video that shows how to get all your TikTok videos back without TikTok watermark

How to install TikTok on your mobile?

You can simply install TikTok from AppStore and playstore. If TikTok is not banned in your country but who are living in countries like India where TikTok is banned. It is most likely impossible to install it on your phone, even if you install you can not access the inside content but team weirdtechie is here to help you 

Step 1: Install any VPN from Playstore by clicking here

Step 2: Open the installed VPN and select any country where TikTok is not banned like Singapore, Canada, or the even UK. 

Step 3: Then open Tiktok on your browser. And log in with your credentials or you can create a new account. (For more info check out the video linked above)

you can access, download or even create new videos from the browser itself but as this article is all about installing this app so let get to step 4

Step 4: Once you open the TikTok office site on the chrome browser. You will get an option like ADD TIKTOK to HOME SCREEN (as shown in the below picture) click on it 

How to download Tiktok videos for free

Step 5: the app will install on your phone and now you can access it as a mobile app but make sure you have to connect to VPN to use it.

How to install Tiktok after banned in India

NOTE: This article is only for the education purpose (to get your own downloaded). Not promoting TikTok or any banned content 

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