How to Manage PRINCE2 Project Management

Project management expertise cannot be understated. Managing a project is what it’s all about. As defined in PMI’s PMI competent practice standards, project management is the process of providing the tools, techniques, and knowledge base required to manage a unique opportunity or set of unique issues. As outlined on a prince 2 Training Course London.

I get people asking me how to manage projects. There are many ways to do this, but you have to be able to manage related issues. You’ll maximize your chance for success if you focus on those issues that will make a difference in the bottom line of your business. And another way of looking at it, is “do you have any preferences as to how the work gets done?”

As a project manager, the following are the most important things you could do to make yourself better:

Just getting your project tasks done is a priority. But it won’t be all that you can do. I’ll hit on some other ways to help maximize your productivity for sure.

1.    Plan ahead. Don’t start thinking about conducting your project a year before you’re done. Break up your projects into steps that you mentally set up at each step.2.    Organize yourself. Start sorting through your work right now. Don’t work in the piles on your desktop. Start looking at your files to get those things out of the way.3.    Get rid of your clutter. Jump into a drawer, grab a phone, and dump the mounds of paperwork you have.4.    Avoid distractions. It’s real easy to become a victim of distractions. I get distracted by things that migrate to my mind and I realize the actions that got me to that spot in my day have nothing to do with my projects. I’ve had to trash what I came in too early and I’ve had to repeatedly get rid of things that get in the way of the projects that are usually completed.

The above are just a few tips to help you manage your work. My guess is that during each management seminar you attend, you will hear the word “management.” But the real point to the word “management” is that you really have to manage yourself. You have to be able to manage your projects, vendor supplied materials, 24-hour call-ins, and anything else that comes up.

The basic nine- Tradingime is an elite group of project managers whose projects are successful in the market place. They are top performers who place themselves in position into a situation where they can accomplish all three of the W’s of planning, organizing, and running. Trading time for time will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Training yourself does nothing but bring you back to the critical components of your best performance moments. Management classes will help you learn what you need to do to succeed in the marketplace, but you’re going to be closer to your abilities to succeed when you’re self-motivated, have dedicated yourself to the process, and know where you’re going. If you are not self-motivated, professionals in all workplaces will always win – including you!

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