How to track your kids’ location and know they are safe in geofence

Are you worried about your kid’s safety? Do your gut instincts fear your nerves at times? You are not alone in this problem. Parents have a lot of love and care for their children. With so much news that is happening in and around the world against the kids. Fear for their safety is natural. Ever wondered how to track someone’s phone? Though you are so worried about your kids, have you thought of a solution for this problem? If not, don’t worry and please pick up the threads of reading to find the best phone track app. 

The most reliable parental control app

Nowadays, kids are being exposed to many kinds of negativity through the internet. Even a young child can surf the internet. On one hand, people can be happy about the technological developments and on the other hand they should be aware of the problems that it creates. But as a parent, you don’t have to worry because Famisafe is the most reliable parental control and phone track app. 

Why is Famisafe the best-rated app?

Famisafe does not just help you out with the question of how to track someone’s phone and helps you with tracking your kid’s location. But the app does a lot more than this. Please do check out at, to track phone for free. The few features that the app can provide the parents are:

  • Provides you with the activity report

Kids nowadays spend a lot of time on social media wasting their time and health. Famisafe helps you keep track of the amount of time your kid is spending on each app. This does not stop here, but the app also helps you identify all the recently installed and deleted apps. Thus, it helps you as a parent to have control over your kid’s activity. If you have an iPhone, don’t worry because Famisafe can also be installed on your iPhone. Please do check to know more details about how to find someone’s location on iPhone.

  • Set time and Block

Famisafe also provides an excellent option of setting a time limit for using a particular. This will help the kids not to waste their precious time on mobile phones and games. You can also block the app for a particular time so that your kid can’t use them during their study or sleep time.

  • Screen time along with reward

As a parent, you can also control your kid’s screen time and help them with a smart schedule. For example, if you are allocating one hour as study time for your kid, you can block the device screen time for an hour. After they have completed their assigned tasks, the kids can be provided with reward time. Doesn’t this sound like a relief? It can also be exciting for your kids.

  • Block the sites

With the increased internet usage, there are so many inappropriate websites that are not suitable for your kids. With the Famisafe app, you can block such sites so that your kids don’t view them. You also have the control to view the browsing history of your kid. This does not mean violating your kid’s privacy, but it is about helping them be safe. Because there are so many easy hacking ways by which kids get trapped easily, you can also blocklist websites.

  • Beware of suspicious texts.

Kids have become the main target of hackers. This is because their innocence can be easily manipulated. When the kids receive a text of paying some money to unlock the best car in their car race games. They don’t give a second thought but transfers the amount immediately. But with Famisafe, they are safe as you can get instant alerts regarding any suspicious texts or disturbing social media content.

  • Geofence your kids

Though there are so many strange things happening to kids, you cannot make them sit at home. But instead, you can set a geofence for your kids and get an instant alert when they are out of the fence. Famisafe also helps you in tracking the live location of your kid.

With so many features in a single app that can safeguard your kids and reduce your tension. This is the reason why Famisafe is the best-rated free app to track your kids. If you want to download Famisafe on your Android, please install it from the Google Play Store. If you want the app to be installed on your iPhone, please check the App store through and bid a bye to worries about your kid’s safety.

Add-on features and recognitions for Famisafe (How to track your kids’ location)

Apart from all the features mentioned above, there are a few extra features that make Famisafe compatible:

  • Famisafe supports multiple devices and flexible subscription
  • Effective customer support, security, trustworthy and easier to use
  • It is developed machine learning models and helps to avoid cyberbullying
  • Recognized by National parenting centre, winners of National parenting product awards 2020, Mom’s choice awards, LPB winner, Made for Mum’s awards 2020 standing strong by protecting 1 million children, detecting 180 thousand cyberbullying situations.

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