Legal Terms You’ll Need To Learn For A Personal Injury Claim

If you are thinking about filing a personal injury claim, you have a lot to learn about the legal system. Your lawyer in Lincoln, CA will be able to help you the best he can and will handle all the legal proceedings. You still should learn a few things to help you understand what sort of process you are going to be going through.

Here are a few terms that you should learn to help you understand a personal injury claim.

Accident Report

An accident report is official report detailing the events of the accident. These are made by police offers or hospital staff depending on where the accident occurs. This is an important document you will need to proceed with a personal injury claim.


When it comes to personal injury, the legal action is referred to as a claim. In a criminal suit, it is referred to as a case. The difference is that a claim is a civil matter that has the plaintiff seeking compensation from the defendant for injuries.

Contingency Fee

If you hire personal injury attorneys in Lincoln, CA, you will probably be paying them a contingency fee. This fee is a percentage of your winnings and most lawyers go for around 33%. This will only be paid if they win you the claim.


This is the payment you are seeking in a civil court case for injuries or loss because of the defendant. This covers all the types of monetary compensation you are seeking such as medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.


This is who you, the plaintiff, are suing. They are the ones you are claiming caused your accident. They will have their own lawyer who will be in contact with your attorney in Lincoln, CA.


This is the legal responsibility one has for their actions. These are things one has to do in accordance with the law. A dog owner is liable to keep their dog on a leash.


This is the most important word you will hear in a personal injury claim. This is what your lawyer is trying to prove. The defendant must be found to have been negligence of their duty and that is what caused your accident.

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