Apple Online Store Is Available In INDIA Now

Finally, Apple has released the official online store to buy Apple products in India and it is very big news for every Apple Fan in India. Personally, I’ve been waiting for so long, from today(23-sept-2020) onwards you can buy Apple products directly from Apple’s official website just like how you are buying from Amazon and Flipkart in India.

Today we are going to see what are the benefits that you get with this apple online store in INDIA. With this online store, Apple has also released Apple monthly subscription plans to India so with this subscription plan you will get many features like Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple cloud, and few more things with the monthly subscription plan. So let’s see what are the benefits that you get with the Apple online store

Free delivery

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Apple will provide free delivery if you purchase any product from the Apple official website and you will get some other exclusive features like a 14-days return policy and at the same time. You can Order new Apple products on the day they release, which means no more waiting from now.

Educational offers

Another great thing from Apple’s online store is it offers a 10% additional discount(Educational offers) for students teachers other college staff members. So that they can use Apple products for educational purposes so if you are a student or staff you will get 10% additional discount on iPads and MacBooks apparently. You won’t get any additional discount for iPhones although it is not useful for students studies.


Apple Online Store Is Available In INDIA Now
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This is the favorite part of mine this is the only feature that I’ve been waiting for. Now you can customize IMac and MacBooks with your own specifications like you can increase or decrease the storage and you can increase your Ram. From now onwards Indian users can customize new apple products according to your requirements from sitting in your home.

Shopping Assistance

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If you are planning to buy Apple products in Apple online store then you’ll get Assistance for one of the Apple employees to clarify your doubts towards apple products and it’s ecosystem

No-Contact Delivery (FREE)

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Because of this COVID-19 situation, No-Contact Delivery becomes an important service and apple is offering you free delivery and free contact delivery also where other eCommerce sites are charging for No-Contact Delivery. So it’s a good move from Apple.

Get more from your device with a free session

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After buying Apple iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. If you need any support to setup or use those gadgets you can directly call the Apple Specialist to get a detailed explanation and support to use Apple products. And this is completely free no need to pay a single penny

We’ve got you covered

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If you subscribe to Apple care+ you will get an exclusive warranty apart from Apple’s regular warranty. Where you will get free screen replacement and get a new iPhone replacement if it has any damage or defect. 

Other Exclusive offers

  • You get exchange offers by giving your old phone to get any Apple gadget and also the good thing is Apple is accepting other Android mobiles Samsung and OnePlus as of now to trade with their new iPhone or iPad or Mac, soon we can expect other smartphones 
apple online store in india
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  • You will get no cost EMI and EMI directly from the Apple store and it is very easy to get the EMI compared to amazon and Flipkart and you will get very little interest on EMI and very less amount of EMI.

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