Easy Way To Earn Money By Referring to your friends

Hi, guys today I am going to tell you the Easy Way To Earn Money that will fill your pockets with money, I been getting lots of requests about how to make money and the best place to invest the money, so today I will tell how to earn money by referring your friends.

So today I am going to tell you the best trading mobile application and website where you can easily earn money by referring your friends and family members.

You can invest your money in stocks and share markets with this website and this company will take very little brokerage. When you sell any of your stocks, compared to other stock brokerage companies.

What is the name of the App?

The app is UPSTOX, it was launched on 15-Aug 2015 and now it has over a million customers(Traders). And the RKSV is the parent company of Upstox, which was started in 2009. 

Upstox is the leading and the best brokerage platform in India, yes I am are talking about the trading website. Actually, if you want to trade or buy shares you need two things  

One is Demat account and the second one is a trading account and if you want to open your Demat account and trading account you need to pay some charges for that like 500 to1000 Indian rupees.

But now you can create both trading and Demat account for free in UPstox is not charging anything for the account open openings.  

How to earn money from UpStox?

Simple UpStox has a different earning feature which is this really cool thing. Earn money by referring from upstox you can refer your friends and family and when they successfully open the account then you will get the referral bonus, and you can earn money without investment through mobile

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how much you can earn through upstox referral?

You can’t be rich with this method but you can earn more money like ₹400 – ₹800 per referral. Sometimes you will get bonus gift cards too (depends upon the offer). and your referral friend will get a gift card too from Amazon or Flipkart and a bonus share form ICICIB22

Here are the earning from one of my accounts

how to earn money more
7 days of earnings

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