5 best dating apps for every Indian

Hey fellows today, I am going to tell you about five Best dating app in India which could work great with both genders

The dating culture is in the beginning stage of New to INDIA, and very few apps can work to get great apps. Even if you search in the Play Store or App store, you will find plenty of apps. On those apps, 8 out of 10 are fake, and Those apps not only waste your time. It can spoil your money by asking you to upgrade their subscription for more matches. But trust me, those don’t work. And Which out wasting time, let’s get into the top five dating apps.


OkCupid is one of the popular dating application. The best thing I like about this is. It has a unique UI(User Interface), unlike the other popular dating app in the market.

Generally, any Dating apps will allow you to see one profile at a time. And you will get the next person’s profile only when you like👍 or dislike👎 the current profile. and you can change once you like or dislike. But in dating.com, you can see profiles in a GIDE view that make it easier than other apps.

It has 10M+ active installs and gives LOW-Medium Matches. 


Tantan is also a popular dating app in India, its best part of this app is it tracks our location and shows the accurate profiles who visited the same place you visited. That means you can get as many profiles as you travel, this is the best app for travelers, and it also shows the profile you are living in your location radios, But you only get few right swipes per day and to get more swipes you have to go premium or Wait for a day 


Happn works much better when it comes to tracking the locating and showing the profiles. The best thing is Happn let you know when you cross a person who has a happn account, and it shoes their profile. And the cool stuff in this app is it tells the place and time when that crossed that particular person, and the common direct way to approach a person in this app is by Sendong HI. Moreover, you are limited to send HI’s and to get more. You will have to upgrade to its premium that costs you 799 per month and 1900 per 3 months. This app has 50M+ installs in play store

2.Truly Madly

Truly Madly is a popular dating app that is purely designed for a country like India. It had proved to be the best in a short time, and now it is as popular as the Top dating apps in India. The only reason it is in the second position is that it has a less female ratio than the first one that I explain after this.

It allows you to find new partners with a click, and it is dam easy to use, and this app has over 5M installs in the play store. It has many options, like creating a profile, and you can change it as many times you want. The best thing about Truly Madly is that it gives points to make a profile trustworthy. You can increase your credible points by adding your Facebook, LinkedIn, phone number, and Id proof. The Truly Madly has a premium version that allows you to get more profile reach and more matches, and the Select service is pretty pricey. It is starting at 599 rupees per week, and 1,196 rupees for four weeks.

How to create an account in Truly Madly?

You can create a Truly madly account but entering your Facebook credentials or with your phone number. 

How Truly Madly shows a relevant profile?

Truly Madly asks you to select some adjectives to describe yourself. Which helps to their algorithm to show you relevant matches which have high chances to get matched by both sides 


Tinder is the most used dating app around the globe, and it has a vast user base in India, both male and female. That is why Tinder is the top dating app in this list, and this app is easy to use compared to other apps we saw earlier. If you want to use a dating app without spending money, then this app is for you.

Tinder is the free dating app with lots of features, and of course. There is a premium feature where you can upgrade to unlock more additional features and reach out to your profile to more people than usual.

Tinder plus costs you like ₹650 per month and if you purchase for the longterm. You will get 50% off—₹ 2200(₹330)for six months plan.

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