10 Best sci-fi web series in Netflix you Must see

Are you feeling bored on your Week Ends or confused to pick the best Sci-fi web series on Netflix, then you are at good hands. We will tell the best Netflix sci-fi Tv shows you can start with, and Netflix is well known OTT for the Sci-fi and technology related web series and Tv shows. 

Some of the web Series are Netflix originals, and some are the TV shows which mostly telecasted in western countries. So here we picked Top 10 best sci-fi web series of Netflix after watching hundreds of Netflix shows, and I been watching Netflix shows since 2011, So don’t worry. You will not disappoint by the list and feel free to comment on your favorite Netflix show.

Choice to select an excellent series that feels good and interesting rather than leave you in the disappointment of choosing that.

We have been there, and it isn’t easy to finally settle down with a good series, so here we go with the best Sci-Fi TV shows available on Netflix.

Well, that being said, let’s start the top 10 list. 

1. Dark (TV series) :

The Dark is a very complex series. It is basically about time travel and how does a time travel of a person can mess the entire world is shown here. 

The story starts after a child disappears, and some lead characters of the story discover that in a cave adjacent to the power plant could allow anyone to travel through time, 

In this series, the story revolves around four families. Throughout the series, you will experience those four families Past, present, and future.

In the starting, it is a bit more confusing, but trust me as you go long in this series. It will blow your mind and gives you some knowledge about time travel and physics. and it is one of the best tv shows on netflix. The Dark has a total of three seasons available in German and English.

2. The 100:

The 100 is my favorite web series of all time. It has the 7th session. Currently, seven sessions are running, and it is the last season. Believe it or not, I just completed Six sessions(73 Eps) in only five days, that how good it is.

If you are crazy about Adventure, Technology, Space, Love, and Tragedy, you should check it out.

The plot of The 100

Earth was no more habitat for humans, and all humans live in space, To check Earth is survivable, they send 100 young people to the ground(Earth), and the session is all about how the survive down there. In the next sessions, they fight against AI, they destroy the Earth’s ponce more and movie to next planet after having 125 years of deep sleep. 

3. Stranger Things

The stranger Things is all Starts in a town called Hawking’s in the 1980s, where a kid (Will Byers) has gone missing, and

everyone is in search of him, including his friends. At the same time, another girl(Eleven) with Psychic abilities(superpowers) came from nowhere to the town and became a good friend to Mike and start helping mike and his friends in search of Will Byers, but doesn’t remember who she is and how she got those powers.

The further story revolves around finding Will and to know the secrets of the Eleven.

A total of 3 seasons have been aired till now and have been renewed for the 4th season.

4. Lost in Space 

The story is set-up in a future where Earth is no more extended habitat for humans to live, and the government has selected

few people to send in search of a new planet. One among them in that team is Robison’s family, who accidentally gets disconnect with the spaceship and landed on a strange planet and Will Robison is a kid in Robison’s family, who finds and saves the Robot(Alien), and that robot starts taking care of him and his family.

The story revolves around did they survive on the planet, and what happens next?

In total, two seasons got released.

5. Another life

A flying spaceship lands on Earth and grows like a crystal shell on the Earth. Erik Wallace is a scientist employed by the US government and Interstellar Command, who fails to discover how to communicate with the alien monolith in that crystal shell space ship.

Wallace’s wife, Niko, is a Caption, takes the spaceship Salvare, and took her crew to the space to find the origin of the artifact and the reason for their arrival on Earth. What happened to them? Did they find out or how they end up in their space journey is the story

the reason?

Only 1 season is available till now and in English and Hindi languages.

6. Altered Carbon

The story of Altered Carbon is about the future, where people can be immortal by transferring their memories and consciousness thoughts via chip to other people or clone bodies, but the process is costly and can be used only by rich people.

The main plot of the series revolves around the murder mystery and how the main lead Takeshi Kovacs solves the mystery.

There are an entire two seasons available with the run time around 40 – 50 min available in English and Hindi languages.

7. Raising Dion :

Dion is a seven-year-old boy who lives with his mother, who realizes that he has few superpowers. The story revolves around how his mother tries to teach him to control them and to know how he actually ended with these superpowers. And later, the government takes this kid to research on him. It is entirely a family entertainer with 1 season available in English and Hindi languages.

8. The Umbrella Academy (TV series) :

There is only one season released as of now. It is a story of 7 Kid with superpowers, who were born without any father on the same day. All of them are adopted and trained by a billionaire and formed a

SuperHero team” Umbrella Academy.” The plot of the series revolves around how they got their powers. and this series will remind you of Harry Potter movies when these kids get trained 

9. Sense8 :

The story revolves around eight individuals who are not related to each other and belong to different parts of society, but one day they feel that all of them are somehow connected emotionally and mentally. They try to

find out why it is happening, did they successfully find the reason behind it?

The two seasons of Sense8 are available in the English language.

10. The OA :

The series belongs to a woman who has gone missing and returns after seven years. The main twist is that she was blind for seven years, and now she can see and has some scars on her body, but she doesn’t reveal what happened and where she was in those seven years.

The story goes on to discover the mystery of those missing years and why did she return.

Entire two seasons available only in English.


I will share some of my favorites shows in the bonus part, which I could share in this top 10 web series of Netflix.

  1. Arrow 
  2. Flash
  3. Supergirl
  4. money heist  

I haven’t shared these in the above list because Netflix doesn’t produce these shows, the first three series are TV shows in the USA by CW. But these are a fantastic series.

If you feel your favorite show is not in the list, then comment below we will add it or make a fresh post.   

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