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These days there are plenty of OTTs media services are in the current market, and all of us are confused to find which OTT media service has which movie or web series we are looking for, and everyone is looking to watch series online.

What are OTT media services?

OTT’s full form is Over-the-top media services. The OTT services is an online streaming media service that offers directly to viewers via the Internet. Over-the-top media services actually bypass the Tradicional way of watching video services like broadcast and satellite television platforms.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, all theaters are closed, because of that, people are starting to watch movies & web series in OTT platforms. Some of the directors and producers are also willing to release their movies through OTT Rather than theaters to fill their pockets. But the question that comes in everyone’s mind is where to watch and the best site for watch online 

What are the Top OTT services in India?

Top OTT(Online streaming services) in the current market are

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Hotstar
  4. Voot
  5. viu

Some times we couldn’t find out our favorite movies or Tv shows on the Internet.

Just for the sake of searching movies, we can’t subscribe to all OTT services right.

Today I am going to show you a website that will show which movie/web series is in which OTT platform.

Just watch is a website that helps you get personal recommendations for TV shows and movies on all OTT platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and many more. Just watch also suggest to watch online series according to your interests.

How to Use

First, open the Justwatch website by clicking HERE, and once you begin the site, you will land into the page like this. 👇

find your favorite movies or series

You can search your favorite movies or shows, and just to show you, I searched about  Baahubali and see what I’ve got. 

find your favorite movies or series

Here is the complete information where you can watch Baahubali on Netflix, sony liv, play store, AppleTV, and Hotstar(FREE). The best thing is it shows the cost of that movie or series and tells about the subscription details and more to watch series online.

 In this way, you can use just watch to find your favorite movies to watch online series also.

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