what is SSD and difference between SSD and HDD


Hard disk drive

HDD stands for hard disk drive, this is the most used drive in PCs and laptops.

It is a kind of mechanical data storage device with electric technology that uses a magnetic method to store and retrieve digital information by rapidly rotating disks coated with magnetic material. It is very cheap in cost.

solid state drive:

A solid-state drive is a solid-state storage device that uses IC (integrated circuit) to assemblies as memory to store data directly.

SSDs store data in semiconductor cells. It won’t make noise, there is no vibration because there are no moving parts. It is so expensive.


It consumes less power, resulting in a 35% battery boost. There are no moving parts, so it produces little heat. It takes less time to boot the operating system, not even a single minute. To encrypt it Full Disk Encryption is hold up for some models.

It is 32% faster than the HDD. Magnetic objects will not damage an SSD or other flash memory device, because flash memory devices don’t use magnetism to store data.

SSD contains an embedded processor to perform operations related to reading and writing data. whereas HDD users mechanical arm to perform operations which are a very slow process Because of embedded processor, the process of retrieving, storing and accessing the data is much easier


It is most expensive when you compare it to HDD for the basic variant (128gb) it charges around 25$(Rs.1700). On the other hand, we can get HDD for very cheap most of the reasons to buy HDD.

It’s too cheap compared to SSD and It comes with huge data and works okay with all processors.
While the price of SSD’s price is increasing day by day and SSDs are (as of 2020) still more expensive compared to HDDs and are expected to remain so into the next decade.

I highly recommend using SDD into your computer, if you are not ale effort the price of SSD, at least buy the 128 GB of SDD which costs you around $20 and install the system OS on that example: windows 10, macOS, Linux and more

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