Why Google Shutdown google plus

Yes… Google recently announced that they are going to shut down there most popular as an internet-based social network called G+ (google plus).

Google Company finally made this decision and seems to be accepted that Google Plus failed to gain such an engagement compared to other groups

About Google

This is for those who don’t know about Google, Probably everyone in this world has some idea at the corner of their heads if they use the internet or any gadgets but Let me take you deeper than you actually in.

GOOGLE is a giant multinational company established in America, The age of google is 23 years and it’s started in a car garage now it has over 100,000 employees. Google has a parent company and the name of it is Alphabet Inc.(since 2015)

REASONS for shutting G+ down

Google+ has been an interesting social media platform. It was designed to bring people together from across the world. who had been enamored of Google and introduce them to new products and services.

The failed bid to build out a social network was followed by a majority shareholder gamble to become the dominant player in search.

As Google began to invest more and more in its own user acquisition, a number of Google+ features began to be supported by other products and services, allowing people to make more use of the social networks.

Today, Google+ is no more. Here’s the full explanation.

G+ has already encountered the back to back security/Data breach in Google plus API.

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The company announced a security bug affecting a little less than 500,000 users, Google has given time to the users, The data breach is one of the reasons behind Google+ shutting down

Google has given time to the existing users to backup their data before the complete set it down Already google stoped the G+ sign-up or new registrations so if you have any data in your google plus account please backup.

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