How To Secure your Password In the Best possible way


We all use passwords on the internet to secure our accounts but do you ever think about how to secure my password because if your password is out, your privacy is at risk.

That’s why I thought of writing this article to guide you to stay safe on the digital world.

Everyone thinks about keeping a tough password but no one thinks about how to secure their password

Your Account might get hacked and someone else in the world called Hacker will take over your digital life but how does someone manage to do that.

Before knowing about how to secure your password, you should know how the Hackers get your passwords.

What happens if you don’t think about your password protections.

Well he might have done one of these three things


Data Breach of Twitter

What are breaches and how it can actually affect our digital life

These Data breaches are created, when hackers managed to hack a website and get access to the website’s database, where the user information like their credentials are stored on that particular data server are leaked on the Internet.

Most cases hackers sell these data on hacker forums, dark web or even post it on community’s it’s the hacker’s choice.

Of course, this data contains the usernames and passwords of all or some of the users of that web site so if you are a user of the website that got breached your data is leaked.

Most of the web sites encrypt their users your passwords before they store it in their database so a hacker needs to first crack your password hash to find your real password in plain text.

original password: Weird$654Techie#654 is your password
encrypt password: E7Whu64#}klO[FEc! is your password

I’m not saying that it is impossible to crack a password hash, in fact, hackers can easily do that with some decoder software, most of the data breaches on the Internet contain plain text passwords
Famous websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, 000WebHost and more already suffered major data breaches.
All these breaches are publicly available on the internet literally for anyone to see those

Fun Fact

There is a bridge compilation available on the internet that contains literally 1.4 billion emails and password combinations think about it 1.4 billion

believe me or not your passwords are probably out there publicly available on the internet without even your knowledge.

This might feel you bit scary, but even my passwords existed publicly on the internet without even me knowing.

Recently when I figured out that my credentials are already stolen and available literally out to see anyone.

I had to then change my password on all my websites immediately, but how did this happen.
Well no wonder, Just because of breaches I know what you are thinking right now

How secure is my password

If you want to check whether your credentials are part of any data breach Well you can go to this site have i been pwned? and enter your email in search box, If any data that is associated with your email in any of the data breaches on the Internet.

But let me also tell you even though your results are positive on this side your data might still be in one of the breaches, which are not popularly known but still exist somewhere on the internet probably on the dark web, I guess
This is the easiest way anyone can take over your social media accounts or online banking accounts or whatever it is

2. social engineering

This is something like you are giving away your own username and password to a strange on the internet.

Hackers pretend to like someone else to extract your crucial information like your credentials directly from you.

for example

let’s say you get a link like this from someone,

and this link claims that you can get Facebook likes instantly for free of cost you click on the link and you are taken to a very convincing website that claims to offer you free likes for your Facebook posts if you put in your Facebook credentials on this website thinking that is a legit website well your hacked this is called phishing site.

It is one of the several types of social engineering attacks and it is also the most common technique hackers use, now this is certainly not limited only to Facebook you may end up losing your other social media accounts or even your online banking accounts.

Through social engineering yet the way a hacker approaches you to perform is social engineering can vary and sometimes even if you are not a computer illiterate you may still fall for it.

A hacker can also install a RAT on your device through social engineering, a rat is nothing but a malware that gives the hacker remote access to your device by installing a rat the hacker will literally be able to do anything from accessing the camera, downloading your data, to even controlling your entire device.


MITM attacks now this type of hacking is not very likely to occur but there is a chance that you can get hacked.

In man-in-the-middle attacks, the attacker put himself as the man in the middle between you and the Internet you are browsing.
let’s say you are browsing something on the internet from a public Wi-Fi network.

Anyone who is using the same public Wi-Fi network can able to put them as the man in the middle and they can see your internet traffic or even alter.

It this means they will be able to see completely everything that you are doing on the Internet using that public Wi-Fi
It doesn’t happen often because most websites nowadays use an HTTPS connection

which means the traffic between you and the web site is encrypted and no man in the middle will be able to see this Internet traffic
but still, they can see which site your using

if you what to use HTTP avoid public Wi-Fi’s or use a VPN to stay secure while browsing.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to secure my password

  1. Using a strong password is good for your account security but keeping your passwords secure is very important because if your passwords are out then it doesn’t matter how strong it is.
    So things you have to do to secure your password

    To-do list to keep your digital accounts safe and secure

    1. Use strong password

    2. Don’t use the same password for all websites and socials

    3. Change your passwords once in 1-2 months

    4. Use a password manager(recommended)/ google password manager

    5. Never ever share your password to anyone

    6. Be careful about phishing sites

    7. Don’t you ever save your passwords in other browsershow to secure my password

1. Use strong password

Using a strong password will make the hacker tough to impossible to crack your account.
Having a password should contain at least 9-12 characters for maximum security and make sure it has at least

  • 2 upper case letters ( ABCD ),
  • 2 special characters ( !@#$% ),
  • 2 lowers letters ( abcd ),
  • 2 numbers ( 1234 ).
Demo passwords: Weird$654Techie#654

2. Don’t use the same password for all websites and socials

Don’t use the same password for all accounts because if one account is hacked the hacker can get access to all of your accounts, so try to use different passwords.

3. Change your passwords once in 1-2 months

Because of the data breaches we never know our credentials are safe or not, so the best way is changing your password for once in 1 or 2 months.

4. Use a password manager(recommended)/ google password manager

Before anything, I would recommend remembering your passwords without storing any password manager.

but if you are a guy like me who can’t remember your password, then I suggest you go with a password manner that keeps your passwords safe and secure.

If you are not into the computer world and having the most personal and crucial information in your accounts then don’t ever use chromes password manner (no offense on google)

Trust me it’s the worst because the attacker can easily get all of your passwords with a single click using cookies.

if you are good enough to identify about this stuff then using a google password manager is completely fine
I suggest using password managers like 1password and OnePass both of these have a free and paid plan it’s totally up to you.

5. Never ever share your password to anyone

Don’t you ever share your password to anyone, that might end up losing your data, try not to do that.

6. Be careful about phishing sites

As I sad about the phishing sites above in this article. It is the most used technique by hackers to get your accounts so be careful about the phishing sites

7. Don’t you ever save your passwords in other browsers

These days, using other laptops and computers in Net Centers, offices and friends is become common for general usage.
Have you ever noticed this type of notification when you log in to your accounts in a new device
Don’t press save option, that lets your passwords saved in that device and they can easily access your account.


In order to secure your passwords, you have to know what are they might compromise you to give your passwords to hackers

  • Breachers
  • Phishing sites
  • Malware
  • Rats
  • Keyloggers

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