10 best mind blowing movies you must watch

Welcome to a COVID-19 quarantine special Funtime, I thought everyone’s at home everyone’s looking for best mind blowing movies recommendations and honestly I believe that when it comes to content you should only invest your time in movies if it’s gonna stay with you after maybe a year or two of watching or consuming that kind of content just like our blog.

Today we’re talking about my top end mind-fucking movies that’s right mind-fucking.

These are the movies that if you watch ones will probably stay with you for the rest of your life and the reason I wanted to include these ones here because I feel that you are a deep thinker and you analyze everything that you consume keeping that in mind.

Here the top 10 best mind blowing movies for you

These are my quick 10 recommendations at number 10 a very common mindful recommendation 

10. shutter island starring

Leonardo DiCaprio shutter island’ is a movie about a mental asylum about a detective who reaches the mental asylum in order to solve a mystery and then figures even more mysteries about the island that the mental asylum is located on this is one of those movies that will keep you grip throughout that will scare you and at the end of the movie there’s a twist involved and that twist will kind of mess with your head even more one of those Leonardo DiCaprio movies that I feel is kind of underrated that more people need to watch 

9. Inside out 

it’s an animated Pixar movie. It’s basically about a girl and you know usual preteen problems but from the perspective of your soul, your spirit, your mood, your ego, your emotions.

so you know usually animated movies have characters where they probably animate an insect or a bird or you know living being like that here the animated objects are all the girls emotions.

So anger is shown as one of the characters, whatever love is shown as one of the characters, embarrassment is shown as one of the characters, ego is shown as one of the characters.

This was one of those movies that make you analyze yourself a lot and there are some stories and some concepts that can only be explained through animation so other than the movie up by Pixar which impacted me on a deep romantic level this is that one movie which is animated which I recommend to all my friends and especially listeners of the run be sure because all of you all are deep thinkers

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 8. the shining starring Jack Nicholson 

It is a horror movie but it’s not a horror movie just about ghosts or monsters. 

It’s not just gotta jump scares, The Shining is a classic when it comes to filmmaking it also analyzes human spirit and especially during this phase of quarantine this one will talk to you what I recommend is that you don’t watch this movie if you’re someone who’s staying alone but if you’re someone who’s staying with your family watch it.

It’s one of those horror movies that you definitely should watch it especially if you enjoy film in general there’s a lot of people who don’t watch horror movies because they don’t want it to stay with them at night this isn’t one of those horror movies this doesn’t have really scary scenes other than like a few it has mind-bending scenes some of the scenes are so weird some of the things that happen in the story are so weird that the weirdness of the movie stays with you and it’s a cult classic so as a human being I think it’s your responsibility to watch The Shining 

7. Eternal Sunshine

if you ever had a bad breakup.

we have Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind if you’ve drifted away from a close friend from a close family member and of course from someone who you loved a lot at some point in your life the Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. It’ll help you analyze yourself, It’ll help you think about love from a third-person perspective from a macro perspective you look at the whole concept of love from a top view it’ll really make you understand a breakup better understand the dynamics of a big breakup better if you’ve just had a breakup this movie might hurt you a little bit but if you’re already in the process of healing and you just want some kind of help in that healing process.

I do believe that this movie will help you a bit the director has kind of shorted and a little strange wait it’s our dive into Jim Carrey’s mind in this movie where he’s had a breakup with someone and he’s trying to erase the memories of that person so it’s a movie that’ll mess with how you perceive your memories about that person who you loved or that person who you were close to at one point in your life definitely should watch it especially if you enjoy slightly different filmmaking

6. Get out

Again it’s slightly a horror movie, slightly a horror movie.

It’s not an all-out horror movie that doesn’t have ghosts or monsters, but it is one of those movies that stays with you and it will mess with your head.

I don’t even want to talk much about it because it’s one of those movies where you should just let the movie speak for itself.

I’ll tell you, this it’s directed by Jordan Peele. He used to run a comedy show every still runs one called Key & Peele you’ll find fantastic key and Peele videos on YouTube so if you I will just up for you no fooling around if you just want great comedy content short in a beautiful way look for key and Peele videos on YouTube the same guy has gone and directed this movie so it is a scary movie it’s a mind-bending movie but it will also make you laugh a lot and it will stay with you and it’s one of those movies you can watch like five six times and never get bored of it highly highly recommended that you watch get out 


It’s an all-out horror movie. I know I’ve been recommending a lot of horror movies but I’ll tell you what the reason I recommend horror movies is that they stay with you.

The good horror movies are usually built on very mind-bending concepts that make you look at society in a different way that kind of expose the evils inside people that’s what I feel about ghosts, monsters and evils rather than being afraid of the ones on the outside should be afraid of the ones on the inside. It’s a very nice Dada G line for you guys but even when it comes to the devil it’s about I think five people stuck in an elevator and one of them is the devil the devil Satan.

So the whole movies about how they figure out who’s the devil inside the elevator and how each of them slowly starts dying through the process of figuring that mystery out it will teach you a little bit about life I don’t think this movie did too well but it’s one of those underrated classics it will you in some parts do not watch it if you don’t enjoy horror movies what get out and The Shining instead of the three get out is the least scary next to shining then this one devil


best mind blowing movies

This one’s kind of common but I do feel that it’s one of those movies that if you watch again and again it will teach you something new it’ll make you understand the movie deeper.

It’ll start making you question the way your mind works and the way your dreams work the movies called inception.

According to me it’s one of Christopher Nolan’s best movies according me, Christopher Nolan is possibly the best director of all time I know that we’ve got arguments like oh no Scorsese’s or better director or you know Quentin Tarantino was a better director.

I genuinely feel that Christopher Nolan is an abscessed director and this is the piece of work of his, where he’s put the most of himself into it, where he’s really kind of constructed this elaborate story it’s called inception for a reason it’s about dreams it’s about the world of dreams it’s about lucid dreaming being in control of your dreams entering other people’s dreams very complicated movie you have to watch this with subtitles on if you are someone who really enjoys investing time in a movie in order to exercise your mind watch this movie if you haven’t watched it already very entertaining I think I watch this movie 20 times 

3. Interstellar

best mind blowing movies

 one another Christopher Nolan classic which will mess with your head which is probably as difficult to understand as Inception it’s interstellar it’s about time travel it’s about space travel it’s about black holes and it is about the dimension beyond us by that I mean that human beings live in a 3d dimension where there is length there is breath there is height.

 So if there’s an object in front of us Ex:”our phones” it has a length, it has breadth, it has thickness or height now human beings the way our minds are built we are not capable of understanding a dimension beyond these three dimensions interstellar talks about that dimension beyond these three dimensions and that dimension is called “time” so here’s one of the things I retain from interstellar they talk about time as a linear concept that means you can go backwards in time you can go forward in time so the year 1999 is happening at the same time that 2020 is happening but it’s just different perspectives because our minds aren’t developed enough we can only perceive 2020 as a moment of time that’s happening right now but right now 1999 is happening at the same time.

Did you get it no don’t worry about it watch interstellar and then listen to this podcast again so I get one more listen of one more view on this podcast and you understand this statement metal trust me you will start perceiving the world in a different way and a lot of the logic used in interstellar is also spoken about in the world of yoga as a way to understand and start perceiving the fourth dimension as a dimension beyond the three that we know of 

we’re at the top of our list number two and number one. These are the two movies that had a very deep impact on me. I actually struggled to place them. I didn’t know which one I should keep at number two, which one I should keep at number one and two.

2. the Curious Case of Benjamin Button 

best mind blowing movies

Another underrated movie it’s become a TV classic this used to show this a lot on television sets all over the world it’s called the Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt it is a slightly sad movie it’s about a guy who was born old like when he was born he had the physical appearance and the physical features of a really old man and throughout his entire life he ages backwards it’s an incredible concept when you think about it honestly it’s one of those movies where you you start living Brad Pitt’s life.

he’s playing Benjamin Button in the movie and the way they’ve directed the way they’ve shown the way his life pans out you start putting yourself in his mind within the movie ages backwards okay so at the end of his life he actually becomes an infant and twirled the length of his life he actually falls in love with this lady who’s normal she’s born as a normal person and she grows old so while she’s growing old he’s growing young and that dynamic really messes with your head the way they’ve shown historical events and the movie really messes with your head the way they’ve shown that society treats him really messes with your head at the end of the movie some of those scenes will stay with you for life at the end of his life.

He’s remembering all the amazing characters that he met throughout his life that’s something that’ll stay with you that’s something that stayed with me and that’s a movie I do recommend to you 

1. Bruce Almighty

best mind blowing movies
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The final movie unlike most of the mine in movies that we’ve spoken about in this list the final movie is a commercially very successful movie stars Jim Carrey it’s called Bruce Almighty.

It’s about a guy who meets God one day Morgan Freeman plays god and God tells Bruce ed you know what for some time you’ll get to be your do you’ll have all my power so it’s a regular guy who’s kind of fallen out of love with his own life and he gets all of God’s Powell’s and therefore gets a lot of perspective on the world and realizes how small he is in this big bad world that we know of it’s a movie that I saw as a ten-year-old and honestly I felt like I was an atheist before that I didn’t understand the concept of God, but I genuinely feel that even if someone who doesn’t believe in God that’s fine this movie will make you question that concept of a higher power is there something beyond humans.

Which I strongly believe there is, by the way, I think you guys would have guessed that by watching the podcast till this point but highly recommended if you haven’t seen that movie it’s also extremely funny and those are the best movies everything doesn’t have to be serious it can mess with your head and at the same time, it can entertain you like crazy so that was the short episode of their and my show today. this is the reason why I selected this movie as the best movies

I hope you guys had fun I hope you enjoyed this list of quarantine movies that I prepared for you guys lots of love.

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