How To Post On Instagram From laptop

Hai, guys today I am going to show you how to upload. Actually, Instagram doesn’t allow you to post images and videos on pc or laptop, but in this article, I will show you how to do that.

This is an excellent trick to save time. Many people edit their stories and post on laptops and have to transferer those files to their phone and post it on Instagram. After reading this article, you can post your Instagram stories on your pc and laptop directly. 

Step 1

To do this First open Instagram on your laptop or pc by clicking HERE

and log in with your account credentials, then you will get the home page like this.

Step 2

Once you get into the home page of Instagram on your pc or laptop. place the cursor anywhere on the home page of Instagram and press the left-click on the mouse and then you will get some options like this, In those options select Inspect, or you can simply press  Crtl+Shift+I to open the Inspect element,

where you can see the backend code, Don’t worry you need not to change any code

step 3

when you get a page like this, you have to click on the toggle device bar and you will get a page like this 👇

How To Post On Instagram From laptop

When you click on the toggle device bar, the Instagram page will be responsible, and you can see your Instagram page in mobile version size, but it is not a completely mobile version.

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How To Post On Instagram From laptop

step 4

Here comes the trick when you click the toggle device bar, you will get a top bar on the top of your Instagram account. You can see Responsive on the top left corner click on it, and you will get many mobile and tablet names to choose your favorite phone and then refresh the page and BHOOM you will get the mobile version of the Instagram in you PC

How To Post On Instagram From laptop

Now you can close the Inspect element and post the photos and videos on your Instagram directly from your laptop.

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