PUBG Mobile India Return Plan: Come Back Possibilities And New Features

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games worldwide and especially in India. When it was banned in India , there were large-scale slogans from the people to ban it again in September , but the Indian government did not budge. Now PUBG Corporation has announced that the game will soon be back in the country in a special Indian version , but this will depend on the Government of India granting permission.

PUBG Mobile: India banned

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in India. The game has had a rapidly growing user base in India since its launch , with both the main version and its lite version having millions of downloads in the country. But on September 2 , the Government of India banned the game from Blue under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act .

The reason behind the ban on the Indian government , the constitution, sovereignty and integrity of India , defense and security-related activities is to engage.

The game has since been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But , players with app access Indian servers have been left online and recently turned off.

Meanwhile , PUBG Corporation has revoked Indian distribution rights for the game from Tencent Games and announced that it will distribute it independently. However , that was not enough , and the game never came back. News has come that the company may tie up with Reliance Jio or Airtel. None of this was in vain and PUBG Corporation announced a few days ago that the game was returning to the country in a new incarnation.

PUBG Mobile India: What ? What are the changes ?

PUBG Corporation recently announced the return of its popular mobile game PUBG Mobile to India with a local twist. Now this game is called PUBG Mobile India , and it is separated from the global version in the same way as the Korean and Chinese version.

Changes made specifically for the Indian market include a virtual simulation lifting ground setting , all characters are fully clothed from the start of the game , and blood is red instead of green. The company will also impose restrictions on game time to promote healthy gameplay habits for young players.

PUBG Mobile India’s Potential Comeback : Responses from the Gaming Community

In addition to changes in the game , PUBG Corporation will set up a private Indian subsidiary , so it would help the players to provide communication services to increase and sthanikikarincabadda. Its Indian subsidiaries , 100 employees, is looking to hire , the business , sports, and have expertise in the development of the game.

PUBG Corporation of India, all of the funds in the plan , kraphttan Inc., the nation of 100 million dollars, has announced it will invest. This is a lot of money to run the offices in India , India’s special sporting events , the tournament host to give and to help make a big production.

PUBG Corporation has also declared the privacy and security of Indian players as its top priority. It conducts regular audits and verifications on storage systems containing information that Indian users can personally identify.

PUG Corporation has recently uploaded multiple video teasers to hype PUBG Mobile India . These videos feature popular Indian PUBG mobile influencers Dynamo , Jonathan and more. It also set up a dedicated site for the game. The information currently provided on the site is not large. Instead , it will host an upcoming banner and include links to the game’s social media handles.

PUBG Mobile Lite: Will it come back too ?

PUBG Corporation has announced that it is currently only bringing PUBG mobiles back to India. It makes no mention of the light version of the game. The company first tested the water with its PUBG Mobile India game and later launched its PUBG Mobile India Lite game , with APT changes in this regard .

PUBG Mobile: Banned in other countries

In addition to India , PUBG is banned in many countries, including China, the home country of mobile Tencent games. Other countries that have banned the game include Jordan , Nepal , Israel and Iraq. In these countries , PUBG has found a way to operate mobile. In China , for example , the game was heavily modified and renamed Game for Peace.

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