3 Trends in Recruitment Space in 2021

1) Remote Work and Recruiting 

Having worked from home for a year in response to a pandemic, remote work is here to stay. Many businesses have proven over the past year that business can continue, no matter where they are, with workers working from home for the majority of the year. 

Even though no company would think it possible to stop operations completely, and the advantages of working together in the same space are significant. Yet, candidates will expect some degree of flexibility from their future workplace, and many may use it as a deciding factor in selecting a job. 

When recruiting, video interviews provide candidates with the chance to talk to you from a distance, without having to schedule in-person interviews within your office space. Remote work and recruiting will save time, free up resources and broaden the talent pool of candidates across the globe as you will no longer be restricted to a specific area, and it will also help attract the cream of the crop talent. 

2) Artificial Intelligence and Increased Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence are transforming businesses and having an impact on economic growth via their productivity improvements. Automation will affect nearly all occupations. However, only about 5 percent of occupations could be fully automated with the currently demonstrated technologies. 

The automation of your recruitment process will enhance it in innumerable ways, whether it’s for cost-saving measures, efficiency measures, or simply taking away menial tasks from your staff. By using algorithms and artificial intelligence, you can automate the CV screening process, contact all candidates promptly and even schedule interviews. By doing so, your recruiting team can focus more on hiring the right people and will ensure that the candidate experience is a lot smoother.

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3) Diversity 

It’s fair to say that 2020 will be remembered as a year of change for recruitment and its impacts will persist for years to come for hiring managers and candidates. Diversity is back at the forefront of recruitment as a result of the cultural shift in 2020. Unless you include a diversity focus in your talent attraction strategy for 2021, your business may look out of touch and out-of-date or it might even appear to be indifferent.

To prove that you are an employer who provides opportunities for all, you can take many steps to ensure that your recruiting process reflects the diversity of your employees. Diversity in business produces more productivity and creativity as businesses of different backgrounds draw on a range of opinions and perspectives.

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