OnePlus offically accounced about the smart Watch: (Updated: Mar. 15)

Oneplus is launching smart watch now because of a tweet from oneplus that their event on march 23rd will officially feature a smartwatch or at least something you wear on your wrist, this was rumored.

It’s not a surprise they were supposed to put out the three phones and the smartwatch this year and now this tweet comes out which is very easy but shows all the components necessary for a wearable watch and just click the tweet instead of the link the like yeah up top or go to one plus Twitter they’re gonna have to look for it.

I meant to click on the tweet not the no like yeah exactly there you go there’s no uh the hand pointer, you just click on the big portion of anyway so it’s a little slide show I guess it’s actually a video upload but it’s essentially a slideshow showing what is definitely a wearable because you’re seeing the shapes that would be required to make a wearable including that one which is a wrist strap and that one which shows the holes the punch holes in the wrist strap that obviously go to a watch and so we’re gonna have a one plus smartwatch.

Oneplus is launching smart watch

I think it makes sense I start to look at this stuff and realize, wow you don’t, they don’t have one yet. why not do one I mean they’re so connected over there as far as uh the sister brand oppo is concerned we’ve seen their smartwatches so it’s like oh yeah what would oneplus take on such a thing be we know they can do the hardware at least tap into the hardware and I always love what they do with the software as far as keeping it streamlined and not bloating it up a real question here is a is around the software for me are we getting android wear what’s that going to look like but we have confirmation you’re going to see a oneplus smartwatch cool

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