Instagram Lite is now available for download worldwide(170 countries)

Finally Instagram light is glowing globally speaking of it, Facebook has announced now it’s available in 170 countries, I think it was India only at first or it certainly wasn’t worldwide premise here is a stripped-down version of Instagram to improve or bring greater efficiency to data consumption removing certain features from Instagram that may suck your data or battery life things like this.

Instagram Lite is now available

It was actually first launched in Mexico thanks to willie dew’s highlight back in 2018 but then they discontinued the app in May 2020 intending to rewrite it from scratch the latest version popped up in select markets in September 2020. now it’s not going to have all your fancy facebook features in there like, for example, you cannot record reels inside of the Instagram lite but you can watch reels and you cannot record reels inside the app.

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We might not know if they’re doing any kind of fancy stuff as far as resolution is concerned, since the team couldn’t go out to locals for testing and fine-tuning due to the pandemic the company instead distributed older weaker phones to its team and simulated spotty and weak connections to find out how to improve the experience in the process the app also gained a dark mode while purposely never receiving more complicated data-intense features like AR filters, in-app animations, and transitions light.

you can download Instagram lite from play store

Users still get to enjoy gifs and stickers though so you can see they just pull a few things out so that you look at your data consumption on your phone you’re like, what did Instagram suck up yeah and it’s not so intense I like the idea of lite apps, I know facebook’s gonna still keep it very comprehensive but something is interesting about the idea of lite apps it’s just streamlined just the features you want like even imagine for a sec you go and install an app a popular social media app and it just had checkboxes for the features within the app that you wanted and you could kind of fine-tune it.

Instagram Lite is now available

Facebook itself can be a bit overwhelming all the things it’s and I’m sure some person is using each one of the features but collectively like it might be a lot that people don’t actually need or want and I suppose you can do this sort of on your operating system selecting what it is you want to pre-install when you go through the android installation or actually even ios to a certain extent you could be like I don’t want to use this I don’t want to use that so it’s interesting to think of social media as an os yeah and then take away the bloatware kind of because the whole app is going to be faster and for your own functionality you might just want the feed and the reels and the direct messages on Instagram like that would be kind of cool or maybe you don’t even use the feed and you just want stories or maybe you just use reels because Instagram is starting to get messy like Facebook. After all, now you got IGTV, Reels, Stories, Feed, and Messages.

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