Another error in Facebook .. All account details leaked

Another error has occurred on Facebook. Pokharel, a researcher, recently discovered that the error would reveal the personal email address and birthday details of Facebook and Instagram users. It has been found that the account data of Facebook and Instagram users is being leaked due to this error. Usually when we sign up for a Facebook or Instagram account, we reveal the email, address and birthday details of the users. However, researchers say that this bug could cause such sensitive information to be leaked. Experts warn that cybercriminals are more likely to attack with this information.

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According to Pokharel, the bug came to the fore while testing a new feature that Facebook was bringing. It seems that some business accounts have been given access to this feature as part of the testing phase. Only business account details were found to be exposed by this bug. A Facebook correspondent spoke about the problem. ” Other details of the message shared by customers were exposed during a small test conducted in October for business accounts. However the problem was immediately identified and resolved. We also reward the researcher who finds this bug under our Bug Bounty Program. ‘

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