How To Get Paid To Read Emails Without Investment (Ultimate Guide with proof)

I am going to tell you a cool way to get paid to read emails without investment. Which means you don’t need to pay anything or no need to submit your credit cards.

The websites that I am going to tell you will help you to earn money, you can simply earn money by just reading emails for just 30 seconds, for each email you will get a minimum amount to a maximum of 5$ per email.

The price may differ from site to site. I am going to tell you are legitimate websites to get paid to read emails. These sites will give payout as least as 0.05$.

You can get earned money from Payoneer and creating a Payoneer is a lot easy, you just need to submit your documents, and within one or two days comment below if you need any details to create a Payoneer account.

I am not going to show you 10 to 15 sites and make you confuse to select one of the sites in it. in this article, I am going to show you 2 amazing websites to earn easy money, So without wasting time let’s get in the website details.

How to get paid to read emails? 

  • To start your earnings signup for free from here ClicksGenie and Volutic
  • After signing up you have to verify email and you have to add that email
  • After that, you will get emails like the picture the below
  • you just have to click on the link and wait for 30-sec then you can see how to you have earned for that email and that amount will be added to your account 

2. clicksgenie

ClicksGenie is one of the websites that pay for just reading emails and you can earn money from $0.0010 to $2.5 per just one email. 

1. Volutic 

Volutic pays more than the clicksgenie and if you wanna start earning money I recommend you to use this website and here are the details to sign up for there two websites 

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This website is not for everyone this kind of earning is only for the students and housewives.

This website won’t make you rich but still, it can earn you a little bit of pocket money. If you are a newbie and want to start passive earnings you should consider a sign in to these websites 

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