The Process Of A Personal Injury Case

A personal injury case can be a complicated process. The first step of the process is the moment the accident occurs. Once the injury occurs, make sure you seek medical attention. An attorney in Roseville, CA will then lead the process and you will be on your way to seeking damages from the negligent party.

Here is a quick breakdown of the process of a personal injury case.


The first thing your attorney will do is begin compiling the evidence to file the suit. They will gather police reports, medical files, and contact witnesses. Attorneys have assistants that will help them with this process and they often have many people working for them for each case.


Once your lawyer in Roseville, CA has enough evidence, they will file your personal injury claim. The defendant will be served the lawsuit and they have 20 days to respond through their own lawyer.


Both parties in the lawsuit will then begin to investigate each other. They will learn all the facts and share information. This involves oral depositions and interrogations of both parties.


This is the first time that the parties will try to reach an agreement. Your Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer will try to get the other party to agree to a settlement amount so that the case doesn’t have to go to trial. The other party is able to accept or refuse the settlement. They also have the chance to offer a deal of their own.


The trial will begin if both parties can’t reach an agreement. Most personal injury cases don’t reach the trial phase. Your lawyer will help you decide if going to trial is your best option while in mediation. This is the last step of the process. The trial results can be appealed, or the two parties can return to the mediation phase. 


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