TikTok App Rating Increases to 2.9 Stars After removing 8 million reviews

We all know that from the past few weeks TikTok reviews in Playstore and app store are drastically decreased. Earlier Tiktok has 4.9 stars over 5 stars and it has over 1.5 billion downloads and in that, Tiktok has nearly 800+ active users.

Now it is facing a huge backlash because of a face-off between a TikTok star and a YouTube influencer. Which is the reason behind this fallout and the reviews were drastically decreased from 4.9 to 1.2 stars in a couple of weeks.

But if you have a look at Playstore Today. It reviews got increased from 1.2 to 2.9 in just a day because they have removed 8 million critical reviews

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Why Tiktok is facing these bad reviews?

There were Many regions Tiktok got affected with bad reviews, this issue was started with tiktokvsyoutube video by a youtube influencer CarryMinati uploaded a video roasting Amar Siddiqui he is one of the famous TikTok users and that video got viral, unfortunately, it was removed from youtube.

Some videos in TikTok, which seem like promoting rape and acid attacks, here is one of the videos👆.

This video was created by a famous Tiktok user and after that, The National Commission for Women of India asked TikTok to remove that video and also informed the local police station to take action on the one behind this video.

Tikitok is a Chinese app, due to the coronavirus everyone is trying to stop using china products and also due to some videos actually most of the videos are containing improper content like making videos on raping and exposing are promoted in Tiktok

so these are the reasons behind TikTok reviews downfall. If you have any opinions on this #banTiktok and please comment on your opinion about Tiktok

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