Trending: Instagram crash worldwide

Instagram has given a shock to users around the world. It seems that social media crashed on Friday night due to technical issues. The tag #InstagramCrashing on Twitter that a lot of users say the Instagram app is not working is trending right now. A large number of people are complaining on Twitter, Reddit and DownDector forums that their Instagram app is crashing repeatedly on their phone. It seems that a large percentage of Android users have experienced this problem. It seems that Instagram, which has been idle for a while, has been packed for a while.

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Users trolled the issue on social media with memes and jokes. Experts say that this is due to the technology created in the server as the number of users grows. Still a few users are complaining that the Instagram app is not working on their mobiles. The Instagram app continues to crash even after uninstalling and reinstalling the phone. We know that Gmail, YouTube and Drive services have been down for 45 minutes this week.

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