Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)

In windows, Bluetooth is Amazing technology Until it stops working. You know how it feels when it isn’t working and some times WiNDOWS

Here I am going to explain how to fix the problem that I faced, and walk you through the necessary steps to be followed you can go to any step whichever fixes the problem;

Step 1: open the SETTINGS->in search box type TROUBLESHOOT SETTINGS –>RUN THE TROUBLESHOOTER–>run it, if you see “Check Bluetooth radio status Not fixed” that is because the Windows is not able to make contact with Bluetooth adapter

Step 2: open RUN->enter “services.msc” ->look for the Bluetooth services set everything like this –>double click on these three as shown below and set them to Manual->Restart The computer

Step 3: rignt click on start button ->DEVICE MANAGER–>look for the Bluetooth open it so that the Qualcomm QCA9377 Bluetooth is visible linked as shown below and uninstall the driver and restart the computer

Step 4: update the driver.

Open this Step 5: link in other device to follow.

Step 5: ->IF all these things fail then there is only one way to fix it. Uninstall all the drivers related to the Qualcomm chipset (Bluetooth+WI-Fi) –>Shutdown the PC remove the Qualcomm Chip from the motherboard –>Turn the computer on, look in the device manager whether the Bluetooth devices are visible or not(They are not supposed to be visible)->Turn it computer off–>Insert the chipset again into the motherboard–>turn it On again “This will fix the problem”. Worked for me. It will definitely work for you…

If you have any Queries Please don’t hesitate to drop a comment Below, i will definitely Reach out to you as soon as possible. 🙂

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