Google’s ‘Add Me To Search’ new Feature Makes You likewise Visible On Google Search

Google has released the new feature called add me in the Search, this is a cool feature by Google, this will help you to find anyone in google search. 

what does google’s ‘add me to search’ do?

 It increases your visibility in google search even today we can only find people in Wikipedia who are popular like celebrities, politicians. But finding normal people on the internet or in the Google search is still difficult so Google has released the new feature called cards. 

What do these cards do?

The new Google cards will allow us to create our own bio with phone number and email address so anyone can find us but having the name or email id in the Google search this is a very cool feature this will help you to find your childhood friends and schoolmates when we couldn’t find them in the world of social media

Show you how to create on the card by using the new Google features called to add me to search

1. Open Google search in mobile or PC, sign in with your Google account and type Add Me To Search then you will be redirected to the page like this 👇

add me to search

2. Here you can see that Google is telling you to create your own card to do so just click on “Get started”

3. There you will get a form that includes your full name, email address, phone number, where you work, which university you study in, and your social media accounts like you to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

add me to search

4. After filling the form you will get an option called preview. Preview the details you entered and you can change them or you can click on submit

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5. Submit you will see the form like this and if anyone such as by your name is your email ID this card will pop up in Google search how cool is that?

add me to search

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