How to delete yourself from the internet in 5 ways

Don’t you ever think, how much of your personal information is out on the internet? It might happen with or without your knowledge. So in this article, I will tell you how to delete yourself from the internet in 5 different ways. But before that, let me tell you what sensitive information does these social media or tech giants take from you.

They do collect information like your family name, your address, where you work, what do you like, bank details, health recodes, what you like to shop and where have you been. Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google take this information to, you make things easy o you and show you ads you like, this might not break your privacy nor these companies won’t share information with any one individual but what if someone got this information, not only name and address, that might be your bank details

Types of sensitive information

  • Full name, telephone number, education history, and physical address
  • Bank account number and login details
  • Health records
  • Location History
  • Health insurance data
  • Identification details

1.How to delete information from Google

Google has more data of yours compared to other tech companies, let’s know how to delete our data from google. For that, you need to go settings > Activity control or click here then you will be here, from here you can delete your web & app history, location history, and your youtube history. From here you can delete previously saved data and stop storing your data in the future.

delete yourself from the internet

2.change your search engine 

Yes, you heard right change your search engine if you are still using Google as your primary search engine. Use Duckduckgo as it never tracks your activities and google is the other hand Tracks whatever you search on it.

3 Clean up your online accounts

This one may be Though. If you really want to delete yourself from the Internet, You have to delete your social media accounts. And that includes you may have forgotten about, like that embarrassing posts and photos from years ago.

4.Get rid of unused apps

Get rid of the mobile apps that you do not use regularly, believe me, those apps take your data like your location history and so on.

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5.Clean up your browser (and file sharing sites)

You should only keep the minimum of sensitive information on your Browser. That minimizes the maximum damage if it ends up in the wrong hands.

Remember that your browser may contain lots of data via cached files, as well as browsing history, and passwords. Imagine what if a hacker can do with all of this information! so Don’t wait until it is something worst happens. You have to ensure that you regularly clear their browser history and cache.

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