Now Netflix content can be streamed on Google Nest and Nest Hub Max

Hi guys, It’s a piece of good news for Netflix and google nest lovers. With the recent update by google on his google nest and google nest hub. Because now with this update you can install Netflix and watch your favorite Netflix movies and web series on your google nest hub.

What are google nest and google nest hub?

The google’s nest and google’s nest hub are the smart displays come built-in with google assistance, speakers, and touch screen.

First, these were released as an upgrade of google home by adding a screen to it and that allows users to make video calls, playing videos, seeing your best photos through google photos and connect and control other smart devices

you can consider it as a mini tab but does only selected tasks with google security and features. And these devices were sold very well and because of this quarantine, the usage of OTT streaming services is drastically increasing.

while taking about OTT platforms Netflix comes in the first place that why google started with Netflix in its nest and nest hub devices.

Netflix is not like the normal app it has lots of security requirements.

Netflix doesn’t allow to cast the screen while playing, it stops recording option and even screenshots option doesn’t work.

Of course, these features are obligatory when it comes to a paid streaming service, in this way google did a great job by bringing Netflix into google nest and google nest hub

To Open Netflix you can use voice command like “open Netflix” to work this feature you have to link your Netflix with you google home app otherwise it doesn’t work so make sure that you link your Netflix with your Google home app

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