what is 5g, 4g vs 5g, how 5g works

Hi fellow guys today, I will tell you about the most asked question What is 5G and how 5g works. And many things about the future mobile network speed and it’s pros and cons.

What is 5G?

Well we all have 4G in our pockets now which is the fourth generation of wireless network technology and the 5G is a fifth-generation of wireless network technology is next step to 4G, which is way faster than the 4G

The Five G is basically built on millimeter waves it’s a new section of the very high-frequency spectrum, upwards of 20 GHz all the way to near 96 GHz 

here is the detailed gif that tell you how fifth generation works

what is 5g
image source: Marques Brownlee

but the thing is the higher the frequency of any wave, the lesser the range. that’s a proven fact.

so the same reason five GHz wi-fi doesn’t travel as far as 2.5 GHz, this is why there is no comparison with (4G vs 5G)

The higher the frequency of any wave the lesser the range like that’s just the truth on paper so for the same reason five GHz Wi-Fi doesn’t travel as far as 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi does.

image source: Marques Brownlee

Now all giant companies like Verizon, AT&T, JIO working on fifth-generation to bring 5G to all places and so far now 5G is available to some major cities

Internet speed of 5G

The major improvement in the fifth generation from 4G (4G vs 5G)is SPEED. Of course, the whole point about this is speed but the 5G speed is like crazy you can see the numbers (network speed) down below 👇 the data speed is 2.1 Gbps which is pretty good compare to 3G and 4G 

HOW fifth generation WORKS
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Here is the download speed of huge games like PUBG and Fortnight. these games can be download less than a minute, in fact, the fortnight installer took more time than the download process of the whole games

4G vs 5g
image source: Marques Brownlee

while talking about streaming in the latest 5G can download entire stranger things session in 30 seconds, don’t believe there is proof down above 👆

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The pros of 5G are speed and these days the internet speed is required, in those cases, the fifth generation is a game-changer. We don’t need to find any Wi-fi to download large files and at the same time it can wipe out your whole data cap in a minute 


  • As the fifth generation, waves build with high frequency the range if it is very low if there is any obstacle between you and the router you can not get the full signal even if you are in the 5G Zone 
  • The mobile gets hot quickly (the development of Five G phones are in the initial stage) in future this might solve
  • The upload speed isn’t that fast compared the download speed 


The solution to the Fifth Gen network is to install more 5G towers/nods across the places/cities to maximize the coverage and improve technology So that if you move one place to another you won’t experience any speed drops or even signal breaks. in future this is how the how 5g works

4G vs 5g
image source: Marques Brownlee

by installing more nods/towers your device switch between nodes that we do now with 4G towers but just much faster but this process takes a lot of processes, cost and time 

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